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Global Operational Data Index

The goal is a collaboration between Columbia Journalism School and the University’s Global Center in Istanbul, Turkey on a project to build and train a network of collaborators from universities, non-profits and news organizations who can provide timely, operational advice about the on-the-ground communication conditions and issues in their local area.
Susan E. McGregor
Columbia Global Centers | Turkey
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Amman, Jordan

Covering Religion: A Global Perspective

Covering Religion is a three-year research project that meets three key goals— through three corresponding components—necessary for the further development of the emerging discipline of media and religion.
Ari Goldman - Photo/Piotr Redlinski
Columbia Global Centers | Middle East
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Mumbai, India

Journalism in Chile

The Graduate School of Journalism is pleased to be associated with the Columbia Global Center | Latin America, which offers it the opportunity to enhance its existing activities in Chile and throug

Columbia Global Centers | Latin America (Santiago)

Global Free Press in Istanbul

One of the themes the Centers has explored is how to create the best possible conditions for press freedom all over the world.

A Free Press for a Global Society

A Free Press for a Global Society forum was first held in 2010 and seeks to harness the dialogue among influential thinkers and policy makers for the purpose of refining a research agenda and gener

Columbia Global Centers | Office of Global Centers and Global Development
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Amman, Beijing, Mumbai and Paris