President’s Global Innovation Fund Awardees 2015 - Amman

The President’s Global Innovation Fund (PGIF) awards grants for faculty members to engage and leverage Columbia’s network of global centers. The program aims to enable the development of new projects and scholarly collaborations within and across these sites, in order to increase global opportunities for research, teaching, and service. Projects must engage at least one of Columbia’s global centers and may be sited in one of the eight cities in which a global center is based, or in other locations in the regions served by a global center.

The following projects involve the global center in Amman in 2015: 


Zoë Crossland – Building Community Anthropology Across the Jordan Valley

Lori Fisler Damrosch – International Legal Dialogue - Middle East North Africa

Ari L. Goldman – Covering Religion: A Global Perspective

Susan E. McGregor – Global Operational Data Index

Dennis Tenen – Digital Justice: Public Discourse, Censorship, and the Technologies of Dissent

Nickolas J. Themelis – Advancing Sustainable Waste Management in Latin America and Disseminating the Results to Other Developing Regions


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