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Columbia Global Centers | Beijing (哥伦比亚大学全球中心 | 北京) launched in March 2009.  The Center’s major programmatic themes include aging and public health, arts and culture, entrepreneurship, energy and sustainability. The Center runs an active public events program featuring Columbia faculty and local experts on diverse topics ranging from international economics to environmental engineering to film studies. The Center hosts various student programs throughout the year to engage Columbia undergraduate and graduate students, young scholars and alumni in China and provide exchange opportunities, including pre-departure orientation for new students, new student and alumni social gatherings, student workshops, the Graduate Students and Young Scholars Meeting Program organized in partnership with Columbia’s Weatherhead East Asian Institute. The Center also hosts diverse projects under the President’s Global Innovation Fund, such as the Ideas on Aging, which is hosted in collaboration with Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health.


Our Mission

  • Assist Columbia University in the development and execution of its various research and teaching programs in Beijing and China 

  • Serve as a regional base, enabling the Columbia University academic community to interact on a local level with students, faculty, and alumni

  • Leverage Columbia University's superb research capabilities to initiate China and East Asia-focused projects on a variety of issues and to offer assessment, advice and solutions to contribute to China's growth

  • Encourage collaboration across academic disciplines, regionally and globally with faculty and students

  • Enable Columbia's students and faculty to work and study in a global context

  • Collaborate with other global centers to facilitate cross-regional projects and research globalization and its effects


Reflections from an Alumna

“I had the good fortune to sit in classes taught by Benjamin H. Beckhart (Banking), Ragnar Nurkse (International Economics), Eli Ginsberg (Labor), and David Dodd (Accounting). They were among the best economists who had emerged from the Depression Era of the 1930’s. They heightened my thirst for intellectual challenge which has remained with me to this day."
– Linda Tsao Yang

The Columbia Global Centers Network 

There are currently eight Columbia Global Centers operating in Amman, Beijing, Mumbai, Paris, Istanbul, Nairobi, Santiago, and Rio de Janeiro. The centers encourage new relationships across schools, institutes, and academic departments at Columbia. Attuned to the priorities and unique circumstances of its host region, each center leverages the University’s diverse intellectual capacities from across the undergraduate, graduate and professional schools, and pursues a set of university-wide core activities that evolves over time based on the active engagement of faculty and students. The centers help increase international content in the classroom; supplement the curriculum with international study abroad, internship opportunities, and course offerings; provide resources needed to attract students from abroad; facilitate research opportunities for Columbia students and faculty on globally relevant, interdisciplinary topics; and provide a point of ongoing engagement for international alumni.

Functioning as a network, the global centers encourage teaching and research that require working across disciplinary boundaries, having a presence in multiple regions, and engaging non-Columbia experts and scholars from those regions. Some of the centers’ programs and research initiatives are country-specific, some regional, and an increasing number are multi-regional, even global. The network is in its infancy, and each center has started by building strong links with universities and institutions in its respective region. The long-term ambition is that many programs will have a global reach and involve multiple centers in the network engaged in truly global conversations.

To learn more, please visit the Columbia Global Centers website.


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