Columbia Engineering Panel Discussion Held in Beijing on June, 23rd 2017


Columbia Engineering Panel Discussion Held in Beijing on June, 23rd 2017

June 23, 2017

On June 23, Dean Mary Boyce, from The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University, and three leading Columbia Engineering Professors Shih-Fu ChangJingyue Ju, and Yuan Yang visited Columbia Global Centers | Beijing. The four talked about the new vision for the School and the impact of their engineering research on humanity, as well as Columbia’s actions and accomplishments in this direction. 

"Engineering is such an enabler that we’ll have fundamental discoveries," said Dean Boyce to CETV. "We see how much impact engineering is having on every part of society from sustainability, clean energy, clean water, clean air, our climate to human health, to how we connect with one another, to how we keep ourselves secure and how do we enable creativity of everyone."

"I think it’s inspiring for young people to get engaged with engineering to see that getting educated in math, in science, and engineering is propelling the society and is propelling their future, the future of our planet, the future of our connectivity to one another across the globe, and how we can actually bring a better life to humanity across the world. This is a very important message, societal message."

From its origins as a school devoted to metallurgy and mining 150 years ago, Columbia Engineering has contributed to the growth of a rapidly industrializing nation, and its graduates and faculty went on to transform entire industries with developments including steamboat technology, early mechanical tabulators, medical X-ray technology, and FM radio, and to lead such groundbreaking projects as New York's first subway and the world's first nuclear submarine. 

Today, Columbia Engineering is continuing that tradition of pushing the frontiers of engineering to address key needs of humanity and setting a bold path forward for the future. As technology moves at a rapid pace and transforms every area of human endeavor, engineering embraces the unprecedented opportunity to bring creative solutions to the challenges of our time.