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Beijing, Chile, India

Columbia University Global Scholars Program Summer Research Workshop is a joint three-year pilot program initiated by the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, in collaboration with Columbia Global Centers, the Office of Global Programs, the Institute of Latin America Studies, and the Harriman Institute. The goal of the workshop is to offer Columbia University undergraduate students the opportunity to gain first-hand research experience, in collaboration with Columbia faculty, in subjects of transnational importance from a comparative perspective across several locations.

The Global Scholars Program offers highly motivated students a new opportunity to investigate global issues through a global perspective. The scholars will be motivated to delve into other societies and cultures as they pursue their own projects, challenged to test their own goals against other people's educational and intellectual systems, and supported to develop a range of research, language, and networking skills to help them in this innovative intellectual endeavor.


Global Scholars Programs in 2014

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The 2014 Global Scholars Program – “Contemporary Cities of Eurasia: Berlin, Moscow, Ulan Bator, Beijing” – was launched by the Harriman Institute and the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, in partnership with Columbia Global Centers | East Asia and the Office of Global Programs. This four-week summer workshop took students through Berlin, Moscow, Ulan Bator and Beijing, including a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railroad from Moscow to Beijing, where they focused on the theme of “Socialist and Post-Socialist Cities of Eurasia.”

Students had an opportunity to explore the histories, cultures, built environments and lived spaces of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Mongolia and China through travel and site visits to major cities of the Eastern Bloc. Sample workshop activities included discussion with a city planning expert in Berlin, an architectural tour of Moscow, and visits to media outlets in Beijing. Leading this exciting study abroad opportunity were Columbia History Professor Charles Armstrong and Barnard College Professor Catharine Nepomnyashchy from the Slavic Department.


Beijing Center News, "From Berlin to Beijing: Columbia Global Scholars"

Q and A: Mary Grigsby, 2014 Global Scholars

Q and A: Julian Richardson, 2014 Global Scholars


Global Scholars Programs in 2013
Thirteen competitively selected undergraduates spent three weeks this summer in Beijing, China, and three weeks in Santiago, Chile, as part of the 2013 Columbia University Global Scholars Program Summer Research Workshop. During the program, students studied social science research methods and conducted in-depth research on the evolution of China and Chile’s political and economic system.

This year, the program expanded into Latin America, with the support of Columbia Global Centers | Latin America (Santiago). Faculty directors Professor Zhang Xiaodan, a sociologist, and Professor Pablo Pinto, a political scientist, guided the students during an in-country research study and workshop on the theme of "Pathways to Development."

Staff at the Beijing Center worked closely with Weatherhead, the faculty director, and local partners to plan and execute the program's China portion. During the three weeks, the group had the chance to visit a wide range of state-owned and private enterprises, non-profit educational organizations, business councils, state-level government entities, local village governments, and academic institutes; and participated in diverse guest lectures hosted by Center, featuring local experts in the fields of China's labor study, product quality legislation, migrant work, China's economic growth, China-Latin America relations, and doing business in China.

The group was joined by six host students from Peking University for some of the activities. Center Director Joan Kaufman and program staff accompanied the group on their visits. For the first time, staff from Santiago and Beijing accompanied the Scholars in both countries in order to observe the program's operations in each other's site.

Meet the 2013 Scholars

Meet the 2013 Faculty and Teaching Assistants

2013 Program China Activities Summary

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Global Scholars Programs in 2012
In 2012, this five-credit course was inaugurated in summer by Professor Guobin Yang, a sociologist of China, and Columbia Professor Robert Barnett, a political scientist and historian of Tibet. Professors Yang and Barnett guided a cohort of eleven competitively selected undergraduates during a six-week, in-country research study and workshop on the inaugural theme of Environment and Urbanization in Asia. The program ran from June 10 to July 21, 2012 and research was conducted in Beijing, Shanghai, and Mumbai.

Meet the 2012 Scholars

Meet the 2012 Faculty

Meet the 2012 Teaching Assistants

2012 Program Activities Summary



哥伦比亚大学全球学者项目暑期调研工作坊(GSP)是一个为期三年的试点项目,由魏德海东亚研究所(Weatherhead East Asian Institute)于2012年发起,并由哥伦比亚大学全球中心(Columbia Global Centers)以及全球项目办公室(The Office of Global Programs)联合承办。该项目面向哥大本科生,为学生提供一个全新机会来以一种全球视野研究全球性问题。整个过程需要哥大在其世界范围内设立的八个全球中心提供专业知识和资源的跨区域网络支持。工作坊的目的是帮助大学生在具有挑战性和多样化的国际环境中探索问题和应用跨国的社会科学研究技能。


每年夏天, 从哥大各个学院和学科系选拔出来的有竞争力的本科生们将在哥大教员的带领之下,在多个国家进行为期一个月到一个半月的以全球化为主题的研讨活动。该项目为学生们提供与他们的研究领域相关联的地区性特定议题。学生们还将和当地大学的学生与教师一起深入了解特定的全球性问题在不同地区与国家之间是如何通过理论与实践的手段来解决的。在返回哥大后,学生们将对他们在项目中获得的观点进行深入的学术研究,同时在秋季举办面向全校师生的研讨会。



2014年的哥大全球学者项目——“当代欧亚大陆城市:柏林,莫斯科,乌兰巴托,北京”——由哈里曼研究所(Harriman Institute)和魏德海东亚研究所(Weatherhead East Asian Institute)发起,与哥大全球中心|东亚(Columbia Global Centers | East Asia)和全球项目办公室(The Office of Global programs)联合承办。


这年项目主题为“当代欧亚大陆城市:柏林,莫斯科,乌兰巴托,北京”。学生们在领队教授的指导下,参与在“东方集团”主要城市中开展的一系列讲座、走访,以及课程作业,通过这些活动来探索前苏联、东欧、蒙古和中国的历史、文化、建成环境以及生活空间。在哥伦比亚大学两位教师Charles Armstrong和Catharine Nepomnyashchy的带领下,学生们于柏林出发,并在莫斯科乘坐跨西伯利亚铁路的火车抵达北京。项目期间学生们考察了苏维埃社会主义共和国联盟(USSR)以及那些被苏维埃模式所影响的社会在过去是如何处理二十世纪城市生活的常见问题的。同时,他们还考察了国家社会主义在苏联集团内部的解体及其在中国的转型是如何塑造了这些区域在二十一世纪的城市发展的。该项目在北京的开展时间为7月3日至13日。了解更多该项目在北京的活动,请查看新闻From Berlin to Beijing: Columbia Global Scholars




在拉丁美洲研究所(the Institute of Latin America Studies)和哥伦比亚大学全球中心|东亚(Columbia Global Centers | East Asia)的支持下,13年的项目将版图延伸到了拉丁美洲。 此次调研以“发展之路”为主题,由两位项目指导教师张晓丹教授(社会学家)以及Pablo Pinto教授(政治学家)带队,在北京及圣地亚哥两地开展。








2012年夏天,中国社会学家杨国斌教授和哥大政治学家及历史学家Robert Barnett教授带领11名哥大本科学生进行了为期六周并以“亚洲的环境和城市化发展”为主题的调研活动。项目时间为2012年6月10日到7月21日,分别在北京、上海、孟买进行。