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Because I am a human alarm clock, I enjoy the color blue. I have the unfortunate habit of waking up at five in the morning regardless of what time I fall asleep. At Peking University in the northwestern corner of Beijing, I would wake up to run as the sun rose. Circling the campus lake called No Name and the small pathways through willow trees and monuments, I chased the sun as it turned the sky yellow and peach, settling on a vibrant blue. Then the smog set and all turned grey. Beijing's pollution won the battle every morning; when it robbed me of color, I declared my jog over.
The Dandelion School motto reads in Chinese characters ‘confidence, happiness, looking for truth, and creativity’ painted over rainbow streaks. The Daxing campus glints with glass and ceramic mosaics in dancing flower shapes, an art project created by the students in collaboration with the artist Lily Yeh. The color, as well as the four goals, attempts to hide the pain that pervades the school, which provides middle school education for the children of migrant workers.
Da Hongmen Market's facade looks like a sports arena, with white concrete spanning a whole city block. Outside, fruit vendors stand silently by their carts of mangosteen, cherries, bananas, and apples. Crowds of people mill about in every direction, slapping against the transparent plastic strips that cover the entrance. Da Hongmen does not seem like a social mall: customers arrive with a specific purpose and leave quickly with those items. The market sells an overwhelming number of things. Since the market organizes its products by floor, people go directly to the area that features the products they came to purchase.
Claire (Siyi) Chen, School of Foreign Languages, Peking University, 2014
Daniel Krasnow, double major in Chinese Studies and Political Science, Class of 2013, Cornell University
Zhengwei Wan, Diplomacy, International Economics and Trade, China Foreign Affairs University, 2013
School of Journalism & Communication, Renmin University of China, 2013

Anna-Sophie Harling, Yale University, 2016


Emmett Choy, Pitzer College, Economics Major



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