Panel Discussion: What’s After President-Elect Donald Trump?


Panel Discussion: What’s After President-Elect Donald Trump?

December 28, 2016

Panel Discussion: What's After President-Elect Donald Trump?




The result of the 2016 presidential election in which Mr. Donald Trump became the president-elect has triggered fierce discussions in China about significant changes and influences on future US-China relationship. Hence, the Columbia Global Centers | Beijing in cooperation with “SSXY” Salon held a panel discussion at the Center on December 18th, shed new lights on topics like US nationalism, isolationism and racism. Three alumni graduated from Columbia School of International and Public Affairs and Business School shared their views on how to mandate this special bilateral relationship with the audiences. This Salon was hosted by the founder of “SSXY” Liao Yuanxin.


Liao yuanxin


 Will the President-Elect Donald Trump foundamentally alter the US foreign policy?

Lin Nan (MPA, SIPA) working as the researcher in the National Development and Reform Commission, holds the belief that the Separation of Powers (under the US Constitution) in America would restrain Mr. Trump from realizing his political aim completely, and emphasis should be laid on the rise of isolationism which could alter both US-Sino and International relations.


Lin nan is interacting with the audiences


 Feminism in America

Wang Ying (SIPA,MIA), deputy director of the international department in a private fund, used to work at the Clinton Health Matters Initiative of Clinton Foundation as well as UNDP shared her opinion on issues like abortion and female equal rights in America.


alumna Wang ying is sharing her view with the audiences


 The attitude of US citizens toward domestic policy

Yang Linnan (MBA, CBS), who has worked in SCB as the dealer of structured derivations and working in ADV and in Legend Holdings as the investment manager left panelists and audiences with a new topic about American social policies including ObamaCare.


Yang linnan (MBA, CBS) is brainstroming with the audiences



Jason, an overseas student from US is stuyding at Peking University. He introduced the emerging social change and stratification back in his home, discussed with audiences and answered questions concerning the future US-Sino relations.


Commentator Jason with the audiences during the discussion


 Interaction Section

During the interaction section, the audiences shared their view towards relations between China and US with panelists. Among these topics about effectiveness and justice, discrimination and "reverse" discrimination became the hottest issues discussed. The enthusiasam and heated interaction of the audiences caused an hour delay of the ending of the activity


the audiences during the discussion

the audiences during the discussion