Yangshik Tso Talked about Tibetan Art and Music at CGC丨Beijing on June, 23rd 2017


Yangshik Tso Talked about Tibetan Art and Music at CGC丨Beijing on June, 23rd 2017

June 23, 2017

On June 23, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing invited the well-known Tibetan female singer and actress Yangshik Tso to share her experiences in her performing career with Columbia 'Global Scholars Program' students and other audiences. Her story reflects the situation of the artistic creation and practice of contemporary Tibetan culture.

"I signed with a Taiwanese company. Under their packaging, I released several songs. I had more and more make-up and dressed up very differently from before. I was drifting away from my Tibetan identity, and I was not sure who I am. I couldn’t find anything Tibetan in me," Yang said, talking about the initial period of her performing career.

Drowned in confusion and discomfort, Yang returned to her home in Qinghai province and immersed herself into forests, grasslands, and temples again. "That is when I started to truly understand my culture and the profound meanings of Tibetan Buddhism. I felt the power gained from being embedded in my ethnic culture, which leads my way." Carrying Tibetan culture, she went back to Beijing and started from scratch.

Since then, Yang has begun choosing to participate in films that truly concern about Tibetan culture rather than simply attracting attention as a cultural label. Through her hard work, she was eventually chosen to play the leading role in the film Tharlo. "Very often in the industry, people would ask you whether you want fame or fortune. However, keeping detached is not out of reach."