Amman Lab: Summer Design Workshop

Columbia Global Centers | Middle East
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Beijing, New York, Sao Paolo, Moscow, Mumbai, and Accra

The Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP) has helped to create the Amman Lab at the Center, which serves as a hub for the school's education and applied scholarship activities in the region.

The theme for 2012 was “Presence”; the presence of public spaces in the development of smart cities, as well as the presence of citizens within these public spaces.

In July 2010, the Summer Design Workshop brought 25 architecture students from GSAPP and schools within the region together in Amman for three weeks of intensive instruction. Students worked on proposals investigating individual issues of comfort in public space. The program built on the 2009 workshop, which paired students from different countries and assigned each team a target area of downtown Amman. Students were instructed to design architectural interventions that created public space, and the teams unveiled their proposals to leading architects and urban planners in the region.

The Amman Lab is linked to GSAPP's global network of Studio-X facilities in Beijing, New York, Sao Paolo, Moscow, Mumbai, Istanbul, Johannesburg and Accra, and the goal of labs is to spark discussion and research about the future of the built environment.