Columbia Experience Overseas

The Columbia Experience Overseas Program is a unique eight-week internship program that offers Columbia undergraduates high-quality internships developed through alumni and employer partnerships by the Center for Career Education at Columbia University.

The program is offered at seven locations around the world, including four Global Centers:

The internship program is a combination of gaining full time work experience over the summer in an international location, immersing yourself in new, exciting experiences, connecting with Columbia alumni, networking with professionals and learning about career opportunities. Program features include the following: 

  • Pre-program training that includes a program overview, guest speaker presentations, goal setting workshops with the support of a career counseling professional, a chance to speak with past participants of the program and discuss any logistical questions with the program manager.
  • Eight-week summer internship, Mid-June - early August
  • Housing with other interns provided by Center for Career Education (required)
  • Alumni Club mentor to provide personal and professional guidance and support throughout the summer. 
  • Social and networking events with the Alumni Club as an opportunity to meet other mentors, Columbia alumni and network with professionals.
  • End-of-Program Reflection Session that includes evaluation of the internship experience, goal attainment analysis and larger career development discussion.