Conflict Resolution Training

To assess the feasibility of continuing education programs, Dr. Paul McNeil, Vice Dean of the School of Continuing Education, Louise Rosen, Director of Academic and Research Programs at the Earth Institute, and Professor Beth Fisher-Yoshida visited the Center in 2010. These visits offered professors opportunities to engage in discussions with government ministers, leaders of UN agencies, and members of the NGO community in order to define program beneficiaries and hone execution plans, as well as to explore other potential offerings in the Middle East.

One of the outcomes of these visits was a course offered in January 2011 in conjunction with the Queen Rania Teacher Academy on “Tools for Managing Conflict in Schools.” Delivered by Prof. Beth Fisher-Yoshida, Director of the Master of Science in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Program at SCE, the course introduced teachers to the basic conflict resolution concepts and skills that are immediately applicable in schools and which can be used with students, other teachers, administrators, parents and anyone else within the school system with which teachers interact. The main learning outcomes of the course were to assist the participants in developing self awareness of their own style of conflict management, to identify strengths and areas of improvement in handling conflicts, and more importantly, to identify core concepts and skills to bring back to the school environment as well as integrate these core concepts and skills into the curriculum. Subsequent trainings were held with the Institute of Diplomacy for junior and mid-level diplomats in December 2011.