The Dual Role of Volcanism: From the Foundation of our Civilization to their Potential Destruction

President's Global Innovation Fund
Philipp Ruprecht
Columbia Global Centers | Latin America (Santiago)

I propose to organize a workshop that will bring together Earth scientists from Columbia University and from the Chilean Earth sciences community and will facilitate and encourage exchange of ideas on first-order, societally important aspects of volcanism, volcanic hazards and mineral resources. Participants will include scientists from Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, the Chilean Geological Survey, and two leading Chilean universities.

Principal Investigator

Philipp Ruprecht
Assistant Research Professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Earth Institute at Columbia University

Furthermore, this workshop will provide a platform to enhance collaborations through discussion of potential collaborative research projects, in particular regarding volcanic hazards and the volcano-mineral resource connection, and of ways in which mutual student involvement can be fostered. The workshop will have two components, with a 3-day seminar series held at the Global Center in Santiago de Chile followed by a 6-day field survey at a relevant site.

The second part will be held around Quizapu volcano, the site of Chile’s largest historic eruption (Quizapu volcano is near the town of Talca, 200 km south of Santiago). The workshop is tentatively scheduled for the first two weeks of February 2016 as the field site can only be accessed during the austral summer.