Enhancing the Research Component of the History Major

President's Global Innovation Fund
Columbia Global Centers | Europe

This project aims to expand the research opportunities for undergraduate History majors doing senior theses on European history topics or on topics in other fields using sources from European archives.  

Principal Investigators

Susan G. Pedersen
Professor and James P. Shenton Professor of the Core Curriculum

Susan Pedersen is a historian of Britain and Europe in the twentieth century. She has written on subjects ranging from the evolution of welfare states, to the impact of women’s movements on politics, to the nature of British imperial rule in Kenya and Hong Kong.  MORE


Pamela H. Smith
Professor of History

Pamela H. Smith, professor, specializes in early modern European history and the history of science.


This will be done in two ways: (1) by providing summer research grants to enable some ten rising seniors to conduct some four to six weeks of research in European archives, and (2) by supporting mentoring activities throughout the year culminating in a three-day workshop in July for these students, two graduate student mentors, and two Columbia faculty members at Columbia Global Centers Europe (Paris).  

Those two programs will be embedded within an 18-month framework of instruction and support sustained by the History Department and our partners in the Columbia University Libraries and at Columbia Global Centers Europe. Paul LeClerc, director of the Paris Center, and Barbara Rockenbach and John Tofanelli, respectively director of the Humanities and History libraries, and research librarian for the Anglo-American collections at Columbia, will assist in developing this pilot program.  The project will also take advantage of the global center in Istanbul as well as its extensive network of contacts and collaborations throughout Europe.