Ensemble Pamplemousse: This is the Uplifting Part

March 15, 2016 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Columbia Global Centers | Paris

Join us for Columbia Sounds: A New Concert Series at the Paris Center! The second concert at the Paris Center features the Ensemble Pamplemousse, with Natacha Diels (flute), Jessie Marino (cello), Dave Broome (piano), Andrew Greenwald (percussion), Bryan Jacobs (electronics).

Composer/performer collective Ensemble Pamplemousse was founded in 2003 to provide a focal point for like-minded creators with a thirst for sonic exploration. The ensemble is a close-knit group of divergent artistic personalities, emergent from training in disparate musical fields. Their collective love of the exquisite in all sonic realms leads the ensemble to persistently discover new vistas of sound at the frayed edges of dissective instrumental performance technique. Compositions aggregate each member's unique virtuosic talents into extraordinary magical moments. In the flexible moments of performance, the ensemble weaves together shapes of resonance, clusters of glitch, skitters of hyperaction, and masses of absurdity into impeccable structures of unified beauty. 

Each of the Pamplemousse members specializes in a unique aspect of composition, from micro-detailed instrumental writing to experimental theatre with electronics to electro-mechanical musical robotics. The shows combine weirdness and beauty with pop culture and classical virtuosity. As Peter Margasek wrote of the Ensemble, “in its music, the absurd dances with the sublime, and playfulness collides with rigor” (Chicago Reader).

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Natacha Diels and Bryan Jacobs both hold the DMA in Composition from Columbia University.

Don't miss the video preview of their European tour. The program for the Paris concert includes:

Bryan Jacobs: Organic Synthesis Vol. 1 (2015)

Natacha Diels: Child of Chimera (2015)

Andrew Greenwald: A Thing is a Hole in a Thing it is Not (iv) (2014)

Dave Broome: Ominousty (2014)

Jessie Marino: Guillaume de St. Cloud Suffers a Violent Dazzling (2015)

This performance is sponsored by the Global Center | Paris, the Department of Music, the Office of Global Programs, and the Columbia Alumni Association in cooperation with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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