Global Centers Hosts Directors’ Summit on Campus

September 12, 2013

Columbia Global Centers is conducting its annual summit for the directors of the eight centers this week at the Morningside Campus to connect with faculty, students and other campus leaders.

Directors of Columbia Global Centers, from left, Karen Poniachik (Santiago), Belay Ejigu Begashaw (Nairobi), Ipek Cem Taha (Istanbul), Paul LeClerc (Paris), Safwan M. Masri (Amman, and who is also vice president of Columbia Global Centers), Thomas J. Trebat (Rio de Janeiro), Joan Kaufman (Beijing) and Nirupam Bajpai (Mumbai).

The week-long summit is not only for directors to collectively review the past year and plan for the next one, but also to promote the opportunities the eight centers create for faculty and students, as well as to discuss new ideas from and strategize with campus leaders.

The eight global centers—located in Amman, Beijing, Istanbul, Mumbai, Nairobi, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Santiago—form the core element of Columbia’s global strategy, which is to expand the University’s ability to contribute positively to the world by advancing research, learning, discussion, and discovery around the most important global issues through a truly global perspective.

The directors of the eight centers have met this week with hundreds of professors and students, as well as with President Lee C. Bollinger, Provost John H. Coatsworth, and deans of every college on campus. Directors have also held several discussions of global issues with Jeffrey Sachs, director of Columbia’s Earth Institute, Professors Joseph Stiglitz, Saskia Sassen, Ken Prewitt and Michael Doyle, as well as Excecutive Vice President for Research G. Michael Purdy and Vishakha Desai, special advisor for global affairs to President Bollinger.

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