Global Leadership Matrix

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The Global Leadership Matrix (GLeaM) is a unique research and education project that takes an interdisciplinary approach to developing the science of leadership.

Principal Investigator

Sheena Iyengar, S.T. Lee Professor of Business; Research Director at the Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business

GLeaM seeks to apply a wide range of social science methods and theories to the rapidly changing world that our leaders face. To do so, we have created a sophisticated website with leadership research surveys that offer participants valuable personalized feedback based on their responses.

In this way, the data collection for research objectives and the free public education objectives are synergistic. The GLeaM website features a growing list of survey tools including ones that deal with network assessment, motivational style, and time management. Through funding and collaboration with Columbia’s eight Global Centers we will expose the GLeaM website to a truly global subject pool and we will create datasets that allow for research on questions previously unanswerable. This will require using the Global Centers to facilitate engagements with Columbia University alumni, regional universities, businesses, and organizations.

The resulting relationships that Columbia faculty build will serve to promote GLeaM’s website offerings within the regional contexts, as well as to build research partnerships that will advance our understanding of leadership from a more global perspective.  All the while, GLeaM will be able to disseminate leadership knowledge and resources far beyond the Columbia University classrooms and research labs. As people from around the globe complete GLeaM’s survey tools, the science of leadership grows, and exposure to the kind of world-class instruction and research done at Columbia University widens. For these reasons GLeaM is an important project for the University and the Global Centers.

Professor Iyengar visited the Istanbul and Amman centers in November 2013 and the Beijing and Mumbai centers in June 2014. At each center, Iyengar met with relevant organizations and businesses, and gave public lectures.