Hacking The Bureaucracy

June 7, 2017 - 9:00am to 6:00pm

This (dis)conference aims to bring together scholars, civil society actors and bureaucrats who are thinking (and putting into practice!) innovative ways to open the government, open data, open decision-making processes and improving governance through transparency and an increase in public participation.

Full program available here.

Confirmed speakers:

Alexis Wichowski - School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

Guilherme Almeida - Director of Innovation at ENAP

Bruna Santos - Knowledge Manager at Comunitas

Gregory Michener - Principal of Programa de Transparência Pública - FGV  // Program on Public Transparency - FGV 

Marília Ortiz - Secretary of Planning (Niterói - Rio de Janeiro)

Ciro Biderman - FGV EESP// Former Chief of Staff of SPTrans

Joice Toyota - CEO of Vetor Brasil

Bárbara Paes - Artigo 19

Danilo Moura - CTS/FGV

Fernanda Campagnucci - Coordinator at "Pátio Digital", open government program

Thais Piffer - SP Negócios

Rafael Vivolo - MGov


Partners: FGV' Program on Public Transparency, Brazil Lab, Gnova-ENAP, Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade, Centro de Tecnologia e Sociedade, Open Knowledge Brazil.


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