The Istanbul Research and Documentation Project

President's Global Innovation Fund
Columbia Global Centers | Turkey

The Istanbul Research and Documentation Project was conceptualized and founded by Professor Holger A. Klein, professor of Late Antique and Byzantine Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University in November 2011 as a collaborative research initiative.

Principal Investigator

Holger A. Klein, Chair and professor of Art History and Archaeology

The goal is to create, over an initial period of 3 years—and an overall project period of 6 years—an open-access, state-of-the-art digital research and documentation platform that provides access to a broad range of scholarly projects focused on the city’s Late Antique, Byzantine, and Ottoman sites and monuments. 

This digital platform is furthermore meant to facilitate the dissemination of scholarly, archival, photographic and other materials, and to serve scholars, students, and the public at large as a reliable source for a wide array of information on the city's history and monuments in preparation for site visits, individual study and research, and teaching in the classrooms of the world. His project is closely affiliated with Bogazici University. More information can be found on Professor Klein’s website for the project (listed below)