Jordan Social Work Education for Excellence Program (JSWEEP)

Columbia Global Centers | Middle East

The Jordan Social Work Education for Excellence Program (JSWEEP) is a partnership among CUMERC, CUSSW, Jordan’s Ministry of Social Development (MoSD), and other entities. JSWEEP offers a range of programs to professionalize the practice of social work in Jordan, and one of its primary elements is a set of skill-building workshops. CUSSW faculty first developed and offered a course focusing on basic practice, the “Foundations for Social Work Practice,” in early 2009 that has been offered three times since then. Approximately 300 frontline workers and supervisors have participated in JSWEEP trainings to date. This initiative has been expanded to include specialized courses focusing on adolescent care, family violence, and management training.

Engagement through this training has given CUSSW the foundation to expand its activities to include research and an advising role for the creation of a code of ethics for social work.  quantitative research studies. Annually, the JSWEEP team creates an impact assessment report that includes an analysis of course evaluations and surveys of social work agencies and program participants, in order to design future training plans with MoSD and other partners.

An annual convening ceremony is held at the Center, with participation of at least one of JSWEEP Co-Directors CUSSW Dean Jeanette Takamura and Professor Nabila El-Bassel. This event usually includes roundtable discussions with social work experts, a networking activity with JSWEEP participants, and meetings with various partners to discuss program development and future plans.

JSWEEP in conjunction with the Open Society Institute (OSI) and CGC|ME awarded five fellowships to local social workers to complete a two-year Masters in SW at CUSSW. The partners hope to expand the fellowship program next year to include two PhD fellowships at the school.