Columbia Global Centers | Latin America (Rio de Janeiro)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rua da Candelária, 9, 3o Andar, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With its headquarters in the iconic city of Rio de Janeiro, the vibrant heart of Brazil, Columbia Global Centers/Latin America (Rio de Janeiro) is the newest in the network of Centers and the second in Latin America. The Center in Rio will be launched in March 2013 and will seek to facilitate engagement for as many members of the Columbia community as possible with partners throughout Brazil. 

Columbia has received a warm welcome in Brazil where its distinguished faculty has a long history of involvement with the scholarly community. Elected state and local government officials in Rio de Janeiro have extended their support to help the Center become established.  Brazil’s many universities and research centers are experiencing one of the most dynamic periods of growth in their history and anxious for enhanced interaction with global universities. 

The Rio de Janeiro Center will serve as a hub for Columbia programs and initiatives throughout Brazil and work closely with its sister Center in Santiago, Chile.  Initial explorations into collaboration with Brazilian universities have pointed to the fields of education, public health, journalism, and sustainability as among the many promising areas of partnership.

The Center is governed by a board of directors of Columbia University senior administrators, and receives guidance from a university-wide Faculty Steering Committee. An Advisory Board composed of prominent academics, public figures, and business leaders in Brazil also provides oversight and ongoing leadership and counsel regarding the Center’s activities. A distinguished Faculty Steering Committee lends its expertise to the Center in Brazil and to the Center in Santiago in the interest of maximizing scholarly collaboration across South America.