Program Enters Year Two and Expands to US

June 05, 2015

The “Technology and Innovation in the Public Service” conference has been developed in conjunction with another important SIPA/Columbia Global Centers initiative: the Global Executive Masters in Public Administration, which launched its first cohort of 23 students at the Rio de Janeiro Center in January 2015.

These students will all be in New York City in July for their summer session and to present research at the conference.

The program is the first of its kind developed with the Global Center network. Classes are offered on a hybrid model, with students watching classes filmed on the Columbia campus online, and going to face-to-face discussion sessions at the Rio de Janeiro Center, along with two summer sessions in New York.

The program is designed for top public officials, who are able to complete the Masters Degree program, and received their MPA from SIPA, while remaining in their jobs in their home countries.

“We see this as a very exciting model,” explains Executive Vice President for Global Centers and Global Development Safwan Masri.

SIPA and the Global Centers will be expanding the program in 2016-7, opening additional cohorts in Brazil and in the US in 2016, with plans to expand to other global centers in 2017, with Amman, Jordan, Beijing and Mumbai, India all listed and potential expansion sites.

“Our program will eventually expand to a Global 100 of top public officials, who will study in their home countries, and also connect here at SIPA and online” explains program Director William Eimicke. “They are able to exchange knowledge on what really works in city management, and make an impact in their jobs from the get-go.”

The audiovisual case studies that will be featured in the conference will be part of the program’s expanding library of online assets.

“SIPA filmed classes here on campus and these cases around the world with a team on PBS professional filmmakers,” explains Tom Trebat, director of the Rio Center. “Our students in Rio have never seen online content like this – they have been very energized and enthusiastic about the experience to date, and are thrilled to be coming to NYC this summer for the conference and summer sessions.”