Q and A: Lisa Wiler, SEE-U program

August 27, 2014

Lisa Wiler is one of several Columbia undergraduates who traveled to Jordan and Columbia Global Centers | Middle East this summer as part of theSummer Ecosystem Experiences for Undergraduates Program, which is run in conjunction with Columbia College and the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. She shares below his experiences in the five-week program.

What promoted you to seek this opportunity at the center?
It gave me the chance to see something I’ve never seen before. The environment is very unique here, and I probably wouldn’t have experienced it otherwise.

What was the major attraction for you?
To actually experience the desert, and the coral reef.

How did your experience meet or exceed your expectations?
I came with no expectations, and I think that is why I could enjoy everything.

Where were the one or two highlights for you from your time here?
The desert and the corals in the Red Sea.

What tips do you suggest to students embarking on this program in the future?
Don’t underestimate the cultural and the culinary differences.

What is your career goal?
Policy making (sustainable developments) and hopefully working for the United Nations.

How did this experience have an impact on that goal?
Valuable cultural experience, and traveling to the Middle East and seeing the problems here gave me more of an understanding of their dynamic. 



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