Refugee Perceptions of International Intervention in the Syrian Civil War

President's Global Innovation Fund
Columbia Global Centers | Middle East

This project studies the Syrian civil war from the vantage point of the refugees displaced by the fighting.

Principal Investigator

Daniel Corstange, Assistant Professor of Political Science and of International and Public Affairs, School of Arts & Sciences and School of International and Public Affairs

First, public opinion surveys conducted among Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon about international and domestic aspects of the war will shed light on refugee perceptions of the war's international dimension, including foreign efforts to support either the Syrian government or the rebels, intelligence-gathering, and conflict mediation. Second, the research seeks to examine refugee preferences over post-war outcomes, including governing institutions, minority rights, and transitional justice. The project will use survey experiments and unobtrusive measurement techniques designed to accommodate sensitive topics on surveys.

Professor Corstange will be making a visit to Jordan/Lebanon in January to meet with stakeholders and partners.