Regional Foodshed Resilience: An Interdisciplinary and International Practicum

President's Global Innovation Fund
Columbia Global Centers | South Asia
Additional locations: 
Columbia Global Centers | East Asia (Beijing), Columbia Global Centers | Latin America (Rio de Janeiro) and Columbia University

This project is a three-year comparative Regional Foodshed Resilience practicum running in parallel in four cities, in partnership with local universities, experts, and practitioners.

Principal Investigator

Nicola Twilley, Director, Studio-X NY

Nicola Twilley became co-director of Studio-X New York in August 2011. She is also the author of the blog Edible Geography, co-founder of the Foodprint Project and Future Plural, the former Food Editor at GOOD magazine, and a freelance writer, designer, and curator.

The practicum, an academically rigorous and hands-on research-driven curriculum for undergraduate students, will both require and generate collaborative, interdisciplinary relationships between Mumbai, Beijing, Rio, and New York City. In addition, this ambitious and critical study will create a valuable body of knowledge that will be applicable to other large and rapidly growing urban areas in the same regions, as well as a cohort of student leaders capable of working in interdisciplinary, global teams to tackle complex challenges.