Stavros Niarchos Foundation Fellows

Columbia Global Centers | Europe

Columbia Global Centers│Europe initiated in 2012 a project that promotes and integrates the work of Europe’s most promising young researchers. Three Greek post-doctoral scholars have been selected for an 18-month residency at the Center, where they combine their current research projects with conferences and workshops on significant international issues, as well as teaching experience both in Paris and at Columbia University in the City of New York. This initiative comes at a time when the current socioeconomic crisis in Greece may lead to the loss of a whole generation of excellent young scholars.


Erato Basea
University of Oxford
Field of study: Film and Cultural Studies with a regional focus on Greece
Research project: Beyond the Periphery: Border Poetics, Transnational Cultural Strategies and the International Greek Director

Kostis Karpozilos
University of Crete
Field of Study: Modern History with a regional focus on the United States and Greece
Research project: The Ex-: Cold War “Turncoats” and “Redeemers” in Perspective

Nikolas Kosmatopoulos
University of Zurich
Field of study: Sociocultural Anthropology with a regional focus on Lebanon and the Middle East
Research project: Pacifying Lebanon: Violence, Power and Expertise in the Middle East


The grant was conceived of and initiated by Mark Mazower, Ira D. Wallach Professor of History, Director of the Heyman Center for the Humanities, and current resident Columbia faculty member at the Paris Center, and Victoria de Grazia, Moore Collegiate Professor of History, Director of the Blinken European Institute, and former Director of the Paris Center.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is one of the world’s leading international philanthropic organizations, making grants in the areas of arts and culture, education, health and medicine, and social welfare.


Stavros Niarchos Post-Doctoral Grant

Three Greek post-doctoral scholars, Erato Basea, Kostis Karpozilos, and Nikolas Kosmatopoulos, discuss their 18-month residency at Columbia Global Centers | Europe, where they combine their current research projects with conferences, workshops, and teaching experience in both Paris and New York. The video also features comments from their advisor Mark Mazower, Columbia Professor of History and Director of the Heyman Center for the Humanities.