Study of democratic engineering in the Middle East

President's Global Innovation Fund
Columbia Global Centers | Middle East

This project will support efforts to create a study-abroad opportunity in the Middle East in which Columbia undergraduates would be integrated with students from the Middle East region to study democracy and constitutional engineering, as well as empirical methods for social science.

Principal Investigator

John Huber
Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science ‐ Arts & Sciences

The program will provide an opportunity for students to study democracy in an extraordinary context and with individuals who are either living through rapidly evolving efforts to govern democratically, or who aspire to be in such a situation. And it will provide Columbia with an opportunity to leverage its expertise in the study of democracy to help build expertise on democratic processes in the region. The program hopes to be situated in Cairo and Beirut, and will draw on resources at the Global Center in Amman for assistance.

Professor Huber is continuing to plan the layout and format of course with the Amman Center. He will also be in the Middle East in January to meet with possible partners.

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