Summer Palace Dialogues

Columbia Global Centers | Beijing

The Summer Palace Dialogue of Chinese and American Economists (SPD, the Dialogue) brings together a small group of leading American and Chinese economists to foster a new type of discussion regarding economic cooperation between the two largest economies in the world. The goal is to bring a small group of top economists from China and the U.S. together in the same room for two days and engage in substantive and ranging debate about issues of concern to both sides.

It was started in 2010 by former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and current Chairman of AEA Investors ADM Bill Owens and Vice Minister Liu He of the Chinese Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs. Chinese Economists 50 Forum, a highly regarded Chinese organization, considered by many as China’s economic “dream team”, is the hosting partner in China. The American Group of 30 Forum on US-China Economic Cooperation was established in 2011 with an equally prestigious group of American economists. The program is scheduled annually in mid-September in Beijing, right before the Summer World Economic Forum. The next and third annual Summer Palace Dialogue will be on September 2014.

The Dialogue extends for two days. In the first session, participants spend one day in private discussions and then convene a half-day public session to summarize their thoughts, observations, and conclusions with a broader audience, including media. In addition, the program sends a delegation that consists of prominent Chinese economists who have participated in the SPD to major cities in the east and west coast of the US in November for disseminating the results of the Dialogue as well as for first hand research on political, social and economic conditions in the U.S.