Student Profile

Yong Choi GS'14 – Global Scholar'13

Yong Choi

Yong Choi is a rising senior at the School of General Studies. She is majoring in Economics with a special concentration in Sustainable Development. Studying both Economics and Sustainable Development has led her to realize the importance of experiencing and interacting with the reality. Therefore, Yong has been trying to broaden herself to the bigger and more diverse world, as traveling, studying, and working. Yong has been traveling in approximately 20 countries, and she is on travel even now in Hong Kong. In addition, Yong has academic interests particularly in Economics of Environment and Development Economics, which she believes their significance is getting more obvious. She thinks that China and Chile are wonderful regions to examine the potential of economic development and environmental policies. Thus, for her, Global Scholars Program is another opportunity for journey to experience the real economic and environmental challenges, and potentially find out their solutions.