July 2014 E-Newsletter

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Nobel Peace Prize nominee raises her voice for Somalia
Columbia Global Centers | Africa was proud to host Dr. Deqo Mohamed, the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation’s CEO and daughter of Abdi – Nobel Peace Prize nominee – to present the second in a series of public lectures. Mohamed, pictured above, spoke about the foundation, a grass-roots NGO run by her family, that has created a haven of peace, health and well-being in the lower Shebelle region of Somalia, despite years of encroaching conflict and war. The third lecture in the series will be held in Nairobi in the coming months. Please visit our website for more information.
Failure of education undermines the Arab world - Professor Safwan Masri
The current crisis in the Arab world is directly linked to the long-term, historic failure of education in the Middle East, and will impact the future peace and prosperity in the region following the Arab spring, said Professor Safwan Masri in a Columbia Global Centers | Africa lecture in Nairobi on March 20. Masri's lecture was captured on video. Please click here to read more and to watch the video, which can be viewed in short segments linked by subject headings.Professor Safwan M. Masri
Columbia Global Centers | Africa 2014 Annual Report
Columbia Global Centers | Africa 2014 Annual Report - A Future Free From Poverty - is available now in hard copy and PDF. Click here to download the PDF.
Dental Checkups Now Possible From a World Away
Dr. Shantanu Lal's Children's Global Oral Health Initiative has launched a teledentistry project in Kenya, the first of its kind by a U.S. dental school. "Using a $70 intraoral camera and a refurbished tablet or laptop, it is now possible for anyone with minimal training to stick a camera in the mouth and receive a dental checkup from a world away," said Dr. Lal, an associate professor at Columbia University's College of Dental Medicine.Dr. Shantanu Lal with a patient
Columbia Alumni Association of Kenya hosts activities in Nairobi
The Columbia Alumni Association of Kenya (CAA - Kenya), launched earlier this year, has been steadily increasing its presence in the region, with regular, bimonthly meetings held and the Global Center in Nairobi, alongside a range of cultural and social activities. Please visit the association's Facebook page for forthcoming events.
Korea Pledges $3 Million in Continued Support for Millennium Villages
This gift will fund project activities in the Millennium Village of Mbola, Tanzania, as well as provide in-kind contribution of technical support and training for livestock-centered activities in the Millennium Village of Ruhiira, Uganda.