Additional locations: 
New York, USA & Nairobi, Kenya

The Modi Research Group at the Earth Institute uses methods of engineering in their goals of addressing development issues acoross several regions. We engineer software solutions in order to help make development planning more efficient and to improve the delivery of significant services such as health and energy to regions in the developing world. 

The team consists of a broad and diverse set of talents, including designers who help assure the user's accesibility as well as talented software engineers, development practitioners, and researchers who all bring their own expertise to shape a formidable team in the lab. 

The Modi Research group has buiilt an extensive network with a diverse group of partners ranging from small non-profit organizations to larger government bodies, these partners among others include:

  • The Millenium Villages Project
  • Internews
  • Kenyan & Senagelse electricity utilities (KLPC and SENELFC) in conjuction with the Ministry of Energy (Kenya) and the Rural Electrificaiton Agency (Senegal)
  • World Health Organization, Foundations for Research in Health Systems, and National Rural Health Mission 

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