Quench is a water management solution created through a partnership between the Earth Institute and the School of Engineering at Columbia University, Professor Vijay Modi and the Modi Research Group. The Quench system aims to provide all-day access to safe drinking water by improving water management and distribution. 

Quench features a rugged, low-cost design with simple and flexible installation and maintenance. The kiosk unit can replace any existing water system, whether grid power exists or not. In addition, Quench is built with modularity in mind, so parts can easily be replaced when maintenance is needed. Quench enables accurate daily water metering, storing allotments in a tamper-proof smart card system. This allows operators to allocate daily lifeline water amounts to families and ensure equitable distribution of water based on seasonal availability.
To learn more, visit www.quenchsystem.com.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs and the Quench team demonstrate the system during the launch of the Columbia Global Centers | Africa in January 2013, observed by the President of Kenya, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, and Columbia University President Lee Bollinger.