La scène féminine dans la tragédie d’Euripide


La scène féminine dans la tragédie d’Euripide

June 07, 2016

On Tuesday evening, the Salle de Conférence was filled with an audience eager to hear Claire Nancy, artist, actress, and author, discuss the recent release of her book Euripide et le parti des femmes. The evening began with Claire’s introduction of the book, supplemented by the actress Dido Lycoudis’ reading of several extracts in Greek and in French.

The book builds from the problematics of silenced feminist expression, of isolating women to only what their interior can convey. It cites the importance of power that is grounded in giving speech, action, and creation to what was previously left without depiction and display. We were given an underlining of the importance of this outward expression through Lycoudis’ performance and through the critical analyses of Monique Trédé of the École Normale Supérieure and the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, Mireille Calle-Gruber, writer, professor emerita of the Sorbonne Nouvelle and specialist in women’s studies, and Daniel Loayza, philosopher, dramatist, and artistic adviser for the Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe.

Through this approach to the work of Euripides and its representation in the work of Claire Nancy, the audience was presented with not only a discussion, but a celebration of what Nancy has accomplished. The evening was enhanced by an exhibition of artist Colette Deblé’s watercolor works lining the walls of the Salle de Conférence, a collection which focuses on the representation of women in art throughout history, and which will remain on display until August 15.