Textes & Voix, bringing literature to life

For fifteen years, Textes et Voix has been bringing contemporary literature to life by pairing authors and actors.

In this video, Nadine Eghels, the director of production, explains how the series works: An actor, with a stage or film background, reads an excerpt of a featured work with the author present. The reading is a way to draw the public into the story, to make them want to continue reading the book, but also to give them a jumping off point for a discussion with the author. Actress Marie Christine Barrault, a regular performer, describes the process of preparing and presenting the text, and the importance of rediscovering the words along with the audience, as if reading it aloud for the first time. Also included are clips from two novels: En finir avec Eddie Bellegeule and Les lois de la frontière. All interviews and presentations take place in French.