Pablo Mota


Pablo is a rising senior at the School of General Studies, Columbia University. He is majoring in Urban Studies with a specialization in Sociology. He is deeply interested in furthering economic development in urban centers of emerging economies like that of his native Mexico. Pablo has brought this passion to the classroom at Columbia, where he studied Valle de Chalco, the largest slum in Mexico. This research has piqued his interest in comparative approaches, and he hopes to combine the former project with an analysis of the Dharavi slums in Mumbai. Having already studied in Brazil, Pablo is eager to learn more about other BRIC countries and the role they will play in the future of the world economy. He looks forward to working with a cohort of diverse students and faculty to learn new ways of collaborating and understanding issues in emerging economies. Though he is an avid traveler with much experience abroad, Pablo believes that a trip with an academic purpose will deepen his knowledge in an academic and professional area that is close to his heart.