Andrea Catalina Garcia Vargas


Andrea Garcia-Vargas is a junior at Columbia University majoring in English and creative writing with a concentration in political science. She has lived most of her life in Ohio but was born in Bogota, Colombia and lived three years in Switzerland, both of which allowed her to delve into a range of different cultures. She is extensively involved in her college newspaper, The Columbia Daily Spectator, as an Associate Editorial Page Editor and a regular contributor to its Arts and Entertainment section. This past summer, she interned at Living Well Magazine in Amman, Jordan as an assistant editor and writer, bringing life to the dozens of narratives there were to explore in the politically distinctive and culturally rich region. Upon graduation, Andrea plans to enroll in journalism school, as she sees her life’s calling in the form of investigative reporting, travel journalism, and novel-writing. When she’s not traveling, working at Spectator, or finishing three novels at a time, Andrea loves to blog, write fiction, and explore the nooks and crannies of New York City (or wherever she’s at). She lives her life by Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote, “One must still have chaos within one’s self to give birth to a dancing star.”