Benjamin L. Liebman
Chair, Faculty Steering Committee, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing; Robert L Lieff Professor of Law


Benjamin Liebman is professor of law and the director of the Center for Chinese Legal Studies at Columbia Law School. His current research focuses on the role of the media in the Chinese legal system, on Chinese tort law, and on the evolution of China’s courts and legal profession.

Professor Liebman’s recent scholarship includes, “Toward Competitive Supervision?  The Media and the Courts,” China Quarterly (forthcoming 2011); “A Return to Populist Legality? Historical Legacies and Legal Reform,” in Mao’s Invisible Hand, (Elizabeth Perry and Sebastian Heilmann, eds.) (forthcoming Harvard University Asia Center 2011); “A Populist Threat to China’s Courts?” in Chinese Justice:  Civil Dispute Resolution in Post-Reform China(Mary Gallagher & Margaret Woo, eds.) (forthcoming Cambridge University Press 2011); “Changing Media, Changing Courts?” in Changing Media, Changing China (Susan Shirk ed., forthcoming Oxford University Press 2010); and  “Reputational Sanctions in China’s Securities Markets” (with Curtis J. Milhaupt), Columbia Law Review (2008).

Prior to joining the Columbia faculty in 2002, Professor Liebman was an associate in the London and Beijing offices of Sullivan & Cromwell. He also previously served as a law clerk to Justice David Souter and to Judge Sandra Lynch of the First Circuit. He is a graduate of Yale, Oxford, and Harvard Law School.