President’s Global Innovation Fund Awardees - Rio de Janeiro

This program is designed to provide support for faculty who wish to use the resources or facilities of one or more of the University’s eight Global Centers for teaching or research activities. The aim is to increase opportunities for research, teaching and service around the world.

Below are the results of the competition for faculty grants that will take place in the region from the proposals to the President’s Global Innovation Fund (PGIF). The projects receiving awards were selected by a review committee of senior faculty drawn from both the Morningside and medical campuses.

Many of the projects are led by a team of faculty members, and others are the work of a single Columbia scholar. All make use of our network of eight Columbia Global Centers on four continents, and will provide opportunities for faculty and students to address vital global issues. See the full list of funded projects here.


PGIF 2017 - Funded Projects involving Rio de Janeiro:


Kavita AhluwaliaA Global Learning Laboratory for Oral Health Step 1: A Planning Grant to Create a Kenya-Brazil Cross-National Collaboration in Support of Research, Education and Policy


PGIF 2016 - Funded Projects involving Rio de Janeiro:


DiPrete Thomas – School to Work Transition and Inequality in Brazil and the US: A Collaborative Investigation

Gina Lovasi – Building Cross‐Sector Networks and Transdisciplinary Research to Promote Urban Health: A Partnership Spanning Columbia University's Global Center, Brazil and the Mailman School of Public Health


PGIF 2015 - Funded Projects involving Rio de Janeiro:


Mae Ngai – Colonization and Decolonization in the Making of the Modern World: an Intensive Summer Course Taught in Rio de Janeiro and New Delhi

José Antonio Ocampo – Annual China—Latin America Program on Trade and Financial Relations in the Context of Changing Economic Structure in China and Latin America

Paul J. Planet – Global Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance and Epidemiology Using Whole Genomes

Ursula Staudinger – Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Longitudinal and Cross-­national Study of the Effects of Retirement on Health

Nickolas J. Themelis – Advancing Sustainable Waste Management in Latin America and Disseminating the Results to Other Developing Regions


PGIF 2014 - Funded Projects involving Rio de Janeiro:


Victoria de Grazia – De-Provincializing Soft Power: A Global-Historical Approach

Kathleen Pike – Global Mental Health Research Consortium and Scholars Program


PGIF 2013 - Funded Projects involving Rio de Janeiro:


William Eimicke, Michael Sparer  Global Public Management

Sheena Iyengar ‐ Global Leadership Matrix (GLeaM) Project

Shantanu Lal ‐ Children’s Global Oral Health Initiative (CGOHI)

Silvia Martins  Urbanicity, childhood trauma and adolescent comorbid psychopathology in Brazil and Chile

Kathleen Pike ‐ Global Mental Health Research Consortium and Scholars Program

Jan Svejnar  Strategies for Growth: The Changing Role of the State

Julien Teitler, Sandro Galea  Global Migration Network

Nickolas Themelis, Natali Y. Ganfer  Advancing Sustainable Waste Management in Latin America

Nicola Twilley ‐ Regional Foodshed Resilience: An Interdisciplinary and International Practicum

Eric Verhoogen ‐ Industrial Upgrading in Brazil