Seminar: Innovation in the Brazilian Public Sector

In collaboration with Comunitas, a very important partner of the Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro, the first Seminar on Innovation in the Brazilian Public Sector was held in São Paulo on November 10. Specialists from all over the country expressed interest in participating. A total of 64 abstracts were received by our team covering issues such as gender and social policies, urban management, strategic planning, and innovation technology, among others. Almost 170 people registered to attend the event. 
Inspired by a similar event organized in New York for the Global EMPA students, in July 2016, this seminar was an important outgrowth of  Columbia Global Centers | Rio and Columbia University efforts in bringing to Brazil the Master's Degree in Public Administration, and in making this capacity building initiative one of the priorities for 2016 and 2017. The experience of running the Global EMPA program in Brazil proves the absolute need for governments that are dynamic, transparent, analytical, and responsive to citizens’ needs.
It is one of CGC Rio goals to develop programs and activities that contribute continuously to the training of public sector leaders and to the improvement of public administration
in Brazil.
Thomas Trebat, our director, and Francisco Gaetani, president of the National School of Public Administration (ENAP) at the event.
Woman presents her paper at the Seminar.
Selected authors discuss Brazilian public sector issues.