TV Writing and Film Programs

Since 2014, Columbia Global Center | Rio de Janeiro and the Columbia School of the Arts offered 15 PROGRAMS in Rio de Janeiro, including workshops, talks, and master classes taught by the school faculty and targeted to Brazilian students and professionals working in the local creative industry. The highlights of this partnership were the two editions of TV WRITING INTENSIVE IN RIO, a five-week workshop taught by the Film Department instructors and customized to the Brazilian audience, which received financial support by RioFilme (Audiovisual Funding Agency for the city of Rio) and trained a total of 28 students in May and August 2014. The added value of the program was the presence of school alumni as teaching assistants.


Students from the Tv Writing Introductory - Workshop Series and CGC Staff.


Other workshops on Film Directing, Executive Production, Latin American Cinema, among other topics, happened in these two years shaping what is the most active collaboration in Brazil with Columbia Schools so far. Thanks to the support of the School of the Arts and RioFilme, in 2016, four short versions of the TV WRITING workshops will be offered at the Global Center Rio. Two of them already took place in January, one on introductory level and another for advanced students. This May, Global Center Rio will host two more classes, both for introductory students. The shorter, more compact and affordable format meets the demands of the Brazilian market, while maintaining Columbia University School of the Arts’ standards of excellence.


Among the highly regarded Columbia Faculty we hosted programs with names such asTrey EllisAlan Kingsberg and Joe Cacaci, for TV Writing Programs, Tom Kalin, for Film Directig and Richard Peña, for Film Curating. We are proud to say Columbia Global Center | Rio de Janeiro is  bringing top-quality training and diversity to the thrilling cultural scene of Rio and Brazil.


Tv Writing Master Class at Museu de Arte do Rio - Professor Joe Cacaci



Program Numbers 2014 - 2016*:

2 TV Writing Intensive (5-week workshops)

4 Compact TV Writing Workshops - (15-hour each)

4 Master Classes on TV Writing (1 day)

3 Film Workshops (2-day on production, directing and film curation)

5 Film Lectures (in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre)

Over 1,000 people (total) attended master classes and public events in Rio de Janeiro.



Full house at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage (EAV), to attend Professor Richard Peña's Master Class on African American Cinema.



Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro