Advisory Board

The Center’s Advisory Board provides oversight and is composed of prominent academics, public figures, and business leaders. ­The Board meets annually and provides ongoing leadership and counsel regarding the Center’s activities.

Th­e following individuals comprise the Advisory Board of the Columbia Global Centers | Santiago:

  • Gonzalo Bofill (BU10), Director of Empresas Carozzi
  • Veronica Cabezas Gazaga (TC09, TC10), Professor at Universidad Católica
  • Francisco Díaz (AC13) Professor of Architecture, Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Claudia Heiss (GF03), Assistant Professor at the Universidad de Chile - Instituto de Asuntos Públicos (Institute of Public Affairs) and President of the Asociación Chilena de Ciencia Política (Chilean Political Science Association)
  • Andrea Insunza (JN13) Associate Professor of Journalism, Universidad Diego Portales
  • Ann F. Kaplan (SW72, BU77), Partner at Circle Wealth Management and Columbia University Trustee
  • Jenny Mager (IA12) Mitigation Expert, Chile’s Ministry of the Environment
  • Daniel Matamala (JN12), Anchor, CNN Chile
  • Peter Morse, Chief of Staff to Andronico Luksic at the Luksic Group
  • Paula Pacheco (IA12), Chief of Staff of Chile’s Deputy Minister of Interior
  • Ricardo Wolfgang Riesco Eyzaquirre (LW05), Partner at Philippi Yrarrázaval Pulido & Brünner Abogados
  • Juan Somavía (IA98) External Affairs and Government Relations Manager, Copper, Anglo American
  • Conrad Von Igel (IA07), Managing Director of the Anacleto Angelini - Innovation Center at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile