Americas Trading Group (ATG)

Americas Trading Group (ATG)

Established in 2010, the Americas Trading Group (ATG) offers electronic trading products and services to institutional investors.

They consistently seek opportunities to strengthen and advance electronic trading in Latin America. With a cutting edge electronic trading platform, which incorporates technology so far unavailable in the region, ATG has set a new benchmark for the Latin American electronic trading markets.

The ATG network offers our customers a wide array of electronic trading products and services and multiple deployment choices making use of co-location arrangements with several exchanges in Latin America and the United States. We meet the increasingly complex needs of institutional clients, high frequency traders, brokerage firms and other sophisticated investors that require a combination of high speed computing, trade strategy tools, reliability and accuracy to implement their algorithm strategies and pursue higher returns.

Global Reach.

ATG connects to the main 3rd party order routing networks, including the global financial industry SFTI® network, to route orders to a multitude of exchanges, brokers and buy side firms in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

ATG is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and has local offices in Miami, Mexico City, São Paulo and Santiago (head office for Argentina, Colombia and Peru).