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The Global Center at Beijing serves as a regional hub for Columbia students and alumni to study and gain new experiences in a global context with the following events and programs cooperated with local Beijing, and even also nationwide China partners. Several programs have been held successfully within recent years, including Global Scholars Program (GSP), Intership Program and Orientations and Send-Off Parties.


Study and Experience Overseas Program

Beijing Center support teaching, academic exchanges and living of study programs such as Global Scholars Program (GSP) Summer Research Workshop and Social Science Spring Workshop.

In 2017, from June 11 to 30, Beijing Center has assisted the leading professor Ying Qian and students of the Global Scholars Program with their teaching and study and daily life in Beijing including eating, lodging, local transportation and communication, local tour, inviting 12 guest lecturers, setting up 10 filed trips and the like. We received all positive and constructive feedback from program-end interviews with the faculty and students. The Center also supported 20 graduate students with the Greater China Initiative, a student organization of SIPA, in their China Trip in January, as well as supported an experience-sharing event for Columbia undergraduate students. About 50 students from Columbia College, School of Engineering and Applied Science, General Studies and Barnard College joined.


Internship Program

The Beijing Center has helped identify potential employers in China for undergraduates from Columbia Experience Overseas (CEO) program and Columbia University Global Opportunities (CU-GO) Internship Program, run by the Center for Career Education, to enable Columbia's students to work and study in a global context. The Center helps schools and institutions on campus to find local internship opportunities, such as SIPA. The Center also hosted orientations and network gathering for these students to better adjust to local environment.

In 2017, the Center identified 8 potential employer organizations, and hosted 5 students of CEO program at the orientation session.


Orientation and Send-Off Party New Students

Partnering with Columbia University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CUCSSA) and the Columbia Alumni Association of Beijing, Beijing Center holds orientation sessions for newly-admitted students from China each year, to help them better prepare for their arrival at Columbia, to give updated on campus news, and give a quick primer on NYC and the area around campus. Discussion sessions also provide opportunities for them to communication with their senior in the same program and learn more about the study information. The send-off party, usually holding with thematic panel with senior alumni panelists, is another opportunity for news students to meet with their peers, current students and alumni.

In 2017, the Center supported t orientations in Beijing and Shanghai and other major cities in China with CUCSSA, and held two send-off parties with a panel discussion on Entrepreneurship on July 16, and for School of Social Work on June 16, and one undergraduate student and parents gathering on July 22. In total, 356 students, 33 alumni, 17 parents joined.

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