Business Empowerment


Africa has been referred to as the 'sleeping giant' – rich in potential but poor in skill development and enhancement. Over the past decade, Africa's economic growth has been on the rise. The Nairobi Global Center is at the heart of this rise, being the gateway to East Africa and the leading trade hub in the region. The Nairobi Center provides opportunities for workshops and seminars offered by Columbia University faculty to the local business community in collaboration with local experts and industry specialists.

Our Programs

The Center continues to organize infomative sessions on business empowerment covering themes such as entrepreneurship, skill enhancement, managing growth, current trends and financal management. 


The EC-Africa Program 

The Nairobi Center partnered with Columbia Business School and launched the Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness in Africa (EC-Africa) program. EC-Africa endeavors to assist mid-sized African companies in attaining the necessary skills, tools, and networks that professionalize and grow their businesses in today’s global environment. So far, the Center has recruited 20 companies from 10 African countries (Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zambia), representing 15 industries with a total enrollment of 58 senior leaders


Other News

From a class of 50 young people from various life and academic backgrounds - from recent college school graduates to academics under 30 - the f

The Center traveled to the north of the country to get first-hand knowledge on the mineral's extraction and production.

The Santiago Center, SIPA’s CGEP, and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez’ Business School led a roundtable to address the region’s complexities.