Comunidad Mujer

Comunidad Mujer

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ComunidadMujer is an independent, inclusive organization that promotes women’s rights and actively contributes to the generation of public policies for greater equality and equity in education, labor and politics.

Since 2002 this private, nonprofit corporation, develops programs that address leadership, training and mentoring for women. It also develops proposals based on the generation of knowledge -studies and research-, and advocacy with political and social actors.

In the field of organizations, it conducts consultancies in gender diversity, good practices of co-parenting conciliation and Chilean Norm Nº3262 on gender equality.

ComunidadMujer brings its insight onto the public sphere through high level forums, debates and consultative bodies and through partnerships with international organizations.

It also works in network with civil society, academia, business, public sector and authorities, among others. It is made by a board and an advisory council of 60 women leaders from the most diverse areas of national affairs.

Supporting this work are more than 3,000 partners, who join wills to open spaces that encourage the participation of women, promoting and making visible their leadership. Finally, ComunidadMujer’s job is supported by a group of sponsoring companies, associate and allies in building a more equal, inclusive, more caring society.