Core Topics

Photo by: Maria Eduarda Vaz

Strategic Communication 

The shifts taking place in our communities, industries, governments, and within the entire human social structure require finding your communication style, which should represent your authentic voice, but the secret great leaders know about effective communication is that marrying your authentic self with the needs of your audience is what truly motivates and inspire others. Strong communication—the ability to listen actively, speak persuasively, and establish authority—is an integral skill for successful leaders. Throughout history, women’s words have moved audiences to action.

Photo by: Maria Eduarda Vaz

Innovation and Leadership in the workplace

Women bring a new and vital range of skills to the task of leading in an increasingly diverse, global society, from active listening to consensus building to self-reflection to reasoned risk taking. The evidence is strong and growing: when the leadership table includes people with these traits, the world does better.

Leadership can make the difference between success or failure of organization, whether it is in the public, private or social sector. Leadership is also comprised of skills that can be learned and perfected. In the activities that tackle innovation and leadership, participants will discuss effective leadership techniques, how women can become leaders who improve organizational performance, and cutting-edge techniques for leaders in an era of global competition.

Photo by: Maria Eduarda Vaz

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Being imaginative, flexible, and persistent in pursuing opportunity

Persistence, the determination to achieve one’s ultimate goal despite difficulties, is considered one of the most vital traits of entrepreneurs. Staying focused in the face of adversity is what separates those who succeed from those who fail. Successful leaders report that taking small, incremental steps and persisting in pursuing one’s larger goal is particularly effective and rewarding, and generates momentum for the entire team.

The most important impact of women’s entrepreneurial spirit may be the example it provides to a world that continues to diversify with exponential speed. When leaders adopt these time-tested strategies of entrepreneurs—being imaginative, flexible, and persistent in pursuing opportunity—they are best able to manage change and succeed.

Photo by: Maria Eduarda Vaz

Advocacy and Networks

The solution to advancing women’s leadership lies not only in encouraging and developing women as leaders but also in being able to reshape institutions and society so that they encourage women’s success and include women at the decision-making Table. In the roundtables and mentorship sessions organized during the program, we will gather women leaders from Brazil and other parts of the world to discuss how double binds and other challenges particular to women when facing leadership positions and how they can unleash and strengthen their potential.