Frequently Asked Questions

The CWLN is a Leadership Program promoted by Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro with the aim to contribute to the transformation of Brazil by developing women from all sectors in management positions.

The modules (classes) #1, #2, #4, and #5 will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Module #3 - the International Week - will take place at Columbia University Campus in New York, US.


Modules #1, #2, #4 and #5 happen during a whole day - usually on Fridays - in Rio. The International Week (Module #3) takes place during five days (Monday to Friday) in New York City.

All CWLN Modules (classes) are expected to happen in person. In case pandemic restrictions are imposed once again, you will be notified about the new structure of classes.

Attendance is a must at the CWLN classes. Absences need to be communicated at least 1 week in advance. Every 2 absences, the final grade may be reduced by one letter. Any student who misses 3 or more modules is susceptible to fail unless it is an excused absence, which could be:

  • Illness or injury attested by a physician or health care professional;
  • Officially sanctioned and/or sponsored trips documented by letter from the higher administration;
  • Legal requirements documented by a letter from the court clerk.

Note: Participants who do not obtain the certificate of completion, in accordance with the policies described above, must refund the total amount of the tuition if they have been contemplated with a scholarship.



Yes. We are very flexible regarding the payment of CWLN’s tuition, however, the payment must be complete until the end of the Cohort - which means December of the year you have started the CWLN classes.

The tuition fee of CWLN costs U$6500, however, all applicants are eligible for scholarships. For more information, please access the application notice.

The tuition/financial aid covers the costs of classes. Each participant is financially responsible for all costs of traveling, accommodations and meals involved in the national and international modules.


You can pay the tuition fee in Reais (BRL) through wire transfer. 



All communication with the applicants will be made via email. 



Apart from the first Module, all classes will be hosted by instructors in English. The English proficiency required is the one enough to understand the lectures and to be understood while communicating with the instructors. In spite of that, the Final Group Project will be written and presented in Portuguese.


The application form should be filled in Portuguese unless the question requires you to answer in English; the CV (Cover Letter) can be either in Portuguese or English; The Recommendation Letter must be in Portuguese; The Motivational Letter must be written either in Portuguese or English.

Note: Do not forget to attach the application fee’s wire transfer receipt along with the documents!



We advise you to attach at least two recommendation letters with your application.



Take a look once again at the application notice, we assure you will find your answer there! If you still didn’t find it, you can send an email to [email protected].