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                                                             Summer 2020


To support students’ summer experiences, the network of nine Columbia Global Centers around the world has identified virtual internships throughout their partner networks. Despite travel restrictions, you can still have a global virtual internship for Summer 2020. It is not too late!

What are "virtual internships"?

Virtual internships are meaningful summer experiences for students to support a variety of projects at organizations (businesses, NGOs, universities, research centers, etc.) across the globe, directly from their home. Columbia students can apply to any virtual internship across the Global Centers network. In general, internships will last from mid- June to the end of August.

What virtual internships are available and where?

The list of available virtual internships is being constantly updated with new opportunities. CLICK HERE for the most updated list of available internships. (Sign in with your UNI – this list will be continuously updated with new opportunities, so be sure to check back regularly.)

How do I express an interest in a virtual internship?

The process is simple – just CLICK HERE to let the Global Centers know of your interest (sign in with your UNI). A representative from the Centers will contact you with further details and to connect you with the sponsoring organization.

June 13, 2020 - BASIS Education and PwC China. Check out more information here.

                                          CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN CHINA


Serving as a hub for Columbia community abroad and at home, Beijing Global Center is committed to equip the university students with global experience and local opportunities through our partner network, help them fulfill individual values, and assist with their career development. To provide more and high-quality career opportunities to Columbia students, especially during the COVID-19 global crisis that tightens the labor market, the Beijing Center has launched a program that enables students to get job vacancies and internship information online.

We're thrilled to present you new career opportunities at ByteDance(字节跳动), Tencent(腾讯), and京东).

We're thrilled to present you new career opportunities at Bertelsmann Asia Investments(贝塔斯曼亚洲投资基金), Futurepolis(未来都市设计), and Ford Motor Company(福特汽车) For further details, CLICK HERE

We're thrilled to present you new career opportunities at 36Kr(36氪),京东), and NO-BOundaries(NOBO无界) For further details, CLICK HERE

We're thrilled to present you new career opportunities at Beijing Ya Mei He Zhong Investment Management(亚美投资), Cyanhill Capital(青山资本), Yodo1(游道易), and YLYK(友邻优课) For further details, CLICK HERE

                                                     PREVIOUS OPENINGS


A platform based on WeChat, Beijing Global Center regularly releases recruitment and intern information from enterprises, organizations, and institutions, many of which were founded by Columbia alumni.