Mailman Summer Practica

Mailman Summer Practica in Paris

Since 2011, students enrolled in the Mailman School's Master in Public Health have been able to engage in an eight-week-long practicum that includes an orientation upon arrival, weekly seminars at the Center, and an internship organized jointly with the École des Hautes Études en Santé Public and the Cochrane Center of the University of Paris V. Students work on a variety of research and intervention projects that may yield publications or support interventions. Some examples include: the association of video game playing and mental health/cognitive skills in young children; a meta-analysis of the benefits of personalized medicine approach in non-small cell lung cancer; and a review of dissemination of health research articles in social media. Upon conclusion, students present their final projects at the Center to a distinguished jury, including not only their French supervisors, but also Mailman representatives such as Associate Deans Marlyn Delva and Linda Kushman, and Moïse Desvarieux, Associate Professor, Epidemiology.