Public Engagement

We are committed to fostering active engagement in addressing the world's most urgent challenges. At our Center, we cultivate vibrant forums that feature diverse panels of experts, welcoming the public to participate as engaged audience members. These forums serve as vital platforms for dynamic interaction between experts and attendees, facilitating collaborative efforts to tackle pressing issues.Through this collective exchange of ideas and expertise, we strive to cultivate innovative solutions and inspire meaningful action towards a better future for all.

How Do We Engage the Public?

Conferences and Workshops 

Our Conferences and Workshops are meticulously curated to bring together regional experts alongside esteemed faculty from Columbia University across various fields, including health, business, and climate. With a dedicated focus on critical issues such as climate change, environmental conservation, youth empowerment, and food security, these gatherings serve as dynamic platforms for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Through engaging discussions, insightful presentations, and interactive forums, such as the Workshop on Computational Quantum Thermodynamics, the Eastern Africa Geo-Health Hub Workshop, and the Conference on Strengthening Security and Conflict Resolution Measures in Kenyaour events empower participants to explore innovative solutions and strategies, to address the most pressing challenges of our time. 

Public Speaker Series 

At our organization, we effectively disseminate our work through the engaging platform of our Public Speaker Series. Within this series, we actively involve experts adept at delivering insightful discussions on diverse topics, focusing on pressing issues such as emotional intelligence facilitated by counselors and psychologists. Our commitment to knowledge-sharing extends to our recent completion of a comprehensive series of sessions dedicated to exploring Healthy Cities, where food systems, urban planning, and sustainability experts have provided invaluable insights.

Furthermore, we have established the African Book Talk Series, a vibrant space for authors to come together and delve into the depths of their craft. Here, they share their literary works and engage in stimulating discussions, offering exciting perspectives on how personal, political, and cultural experiences shape their storytelling. This platform serves as a beacon for creativity and dialogue, fostering a community where the art of narrative thrives and evolves.

Information Sessions

In our ongoing effort to motivate students from the East African region to seize Columbia University's opportunities for academic excellence and extensive resources, the Center collaborates with various school Deans to organize informative sessions. These forums, such as "Charting the Path to Columbia SIPA" and "Navigating the Road to Columbia Law," serve as invaluable resources for prospective students. By delving into topics like application procedures, scholarship opportunities, and the distinctive benefits of a Columbia education, these sessions offer illuminating insights that empower students to pursue their academic aspirations confidently.

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