Public programming at the Center draws on the diverse and rich resources of Reid Hall, the Columbia Campus, Global Centers network, Paris, and Europe, at large, to create a productive space of intellectual exploration and inquiry.  The programming staff seek to foster a “third space” of encounter, one that resists easy categorization, and seize on the freedom such a space offers by bringing together a diverse audience to address urgent, contemporary global issues through creative, intellectually enriching, rigorous, and open dialogue.  The Center strives to attract & activate an audience comprised of engaged individuals who seek intellectual challenges. The Center is especially interested in attracting students, young scholars and budding creators, both as program participants and as members of the public.   In addition to continuing the legacy of the World Writers’ Festival, the Paris Center organizes its programming around several rubrics and themes including:

Critical Dialogues in Science, Medicine, Technology, and Society

Agency and Gender

Boundaries of Translation

The Global, History and Effects

Ethnicity, Race, Religion, and War

Encounters in Music, Film, Art, & Architecture 

World Writers' Series and Festival

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October 03, 2017

Uprising 13/13: A Reading Group

Following our fruitful collaboration with the Nietzsche 13/13 seminars led by Professors Bernard Harcourt and Jesús Velasco on the Columbia campus, the Paris Center will once more host a reading group in parallel to this year’s Uprising 13/13 seminar series focusing on dissent and revolution.

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